A Different Way of Healing

Shamanic healing is spiritual healing, and through it we reconnect with the spiritual world and with our Soul, and bring vitality into our lives.

It is the healing of spiritual illness. It remembers that Spirit is the essence of this physical world and at the root of what Becomes.

Shamanic healing involves healing of personal, karmic, ancestral and cultural energetic patterns which cut us off from awareness and expression of the Soul Self. Life force energy and soul parts that we have been split off from traumatic experiences or that we have never been connected with in this lifetime are reconnected with us so we may be nourished by their medicine and unique energies to support our lives.

By healing at the spiritual layer, we can create shifts and opportunities for change and for thriving in our lives. We can create the possibility of uncovering and re-writing thought forms, beliefs, and stories into those which support us in living from a sense of wholeness as we become ourselves.

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