What is shamanic healing?

In sessions, clients are often supported in reconnecting to life force energy and soul parts that they have been split off from, or that they have never been connected with in this lifetime.

Reconnecting with your life force is for the purpose of being nourished by the unique energies that return. The energy always carries something that you need, and that you then have greater access to in your life. One of my specialties is working with the helping spirits to support healing of the personal, karmic, ancestral and cultural energetic patterns clients are entwined with, which cut them off from their Soul Self.

Shamanism is a name used to refer to spiritual traditions of direct revelation, where guidance and information is received for healing and insight, through direct connection with the spiritual world. These traditions have been present all over the world, dating back (as far as we have discovered) over 60,000 years. As modern people, many of us are disconnected from our lineages and the ways our human ancestors at some point were part of these cultures. We can learn to reconnect with our ancestors and bring forward the blessings of our lineages and heal burdens that we now bear as living descendents.

Shamanic practice offers the opportunity for increased awareness of the aliveness in all things and understanding on how to connect with the life force which animates the seen and unseen world. It holds the understanding of the aliveness of this earth and the elements that make up our physical world ~air, earth, water, fire, air, sacred space~ the elements of which these bodies are made, and which sustain all of life here.

Shamanism helps you reconnect or connect more closely with your own heart and sense of purpose. Through this practice we can nurture our lives by nurturing the deepest parts of who we are. The Soul knows what we are both here to learn, and what we are here to offer to this world. Shamanism offers us a map to the heart and to the medicine that we carry for our lives and for the lives of others.

Shamanism is helping spirit/spirit guide/spirit ally guided healing. The trusted helping spirits I work with offer their diagnostic, next this is discussed with the client, then with the consent of the client to the agreed upon healing, we proceed. I either journey for you, or I guide you on a facilitated journey.

One of my areas of interest is embodiment and integration of healing into the physical, into our bodies and lives. The helping spirits bring forward guidance for integration of the healing post-session, as a way to support all layers of your being to integrate what was addressed in the session. What is it to descend the soul energy down into this physical realm, more of who we are present to engage with life, during our fleeting time here?

Shamanism supports us in embracing our humanness, including both the pain and suffering we both experience and cause as human beings, and the joy and vibrant life that is possible for each of us, no matter what. We all need support as human beings, and shamanic healing is a different way of healing, and a different way of receiving support as we move through the ups and downs of life.

May we know that we are both blessed and a blessing, and may we go forward with courage, looking deeply within and offering the gift of who we are to this world.