remembering wholeness

Welcome! My name is Stephanie Cloutman, and it is with my heart and great reverence that I come to my work as a shamanic practitioner. I work as a bridge between the seen and unseen worlds to facilitate the healing of that which impedes, to bring more wellbeing and thriving to life. 

In addition to my work as a shamanic practitioner, I work as a Registered Nurse in Boston, MA. I am grateful for the opportunity to nurture the wellbeing of children and their families, and for all I have learned about what healing is, what it isn't, and what it can be.

I'm informed by my background and my experiences as a figure skater, an ecstatic dancer, a yogi, a yoga teacher, a nurse, a medium, and as a student of somatic practices. All have played roles in my ever evolving journey of becoming me and reconnecting to this body as my home.  

My Shamanic Resumé:

I studied with Ann Drake, PsyD, and completed a two year training with her beginning in 2016. I honor the people of Borneo and their tradition of shamanic practice which Ann studied within. In 2018 I then embarked on a three and a half year training with Susan Feathers, MA, in core shamanism. I offer my gratitude to the practitioners of core shamanism who are shaping a lineage that is alive for this time, in this modern culture, in conjunction with the helping spirits.  I continue ongoing study with both Suu and Ann. Over the past twelve years, my study & practice of mediumship, tarot, yoga, various traditions of meditation, and reiki, all provided the foundation which led me to shamanic healing. My personal shamanic practice is a constant and valuable ally as I move through my own life.

Musings about how I view healing and transformation:

Healing and growth as humans can be compared to the cycles we see in nature. In the northeast USA where I live, nature pulses with aliveness in summer, and then eventually moves into a balanced state with much life but much transitioning toward a death in fall. Then comes winter, in many ways a death for nature, a fallow period where what had emerged and blossomed dies and moves underground to compost. And while all seems still, something is happening below the surface. Winter is always followed by the gentle, tender emerging of something new, more life, in the spring. This emergence is followed again by blossoming and vibrant life. This rhythm of life, death, and rebirth, the cycle of "life-death-life" as Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes call it, pushes us forward too, to allow our own transformation. This in part looks like allowing things to end and change, internally and externally, carefully shedding old ways of being, and knowing when and how to say goodbye with grace to truly allow what is to come. When death comes, something else emerges in its place, and we have the opportunity to gently embrace the birth of what is emerging, and support it little by little to blossom. Sometimes we hold on, we get stuck, we need more time or support to absorb what is there for us to understand before we are ready to move forward. Then, there is the experience of growing into our new skin. And life asks us to keep doing this... to move through the process of life and death and rebirth, again and again, as we grow older. This process of transformation, of life-death-life, is alive in our inner worlds and in our outer lives, and all around us in the cycles and rhythms of nature. And in this process there is vitality as we move and flow with Life, which is equal parts life and death. As we move through these cycles, shamanism offers a conscious way to support our engagement with our healing, learning, expression, and evolution. It offers support guided by the wisdom of the helping spirits so we can co-create our lives to align with our hearts, our dreams, and our purposes. As we weave our own lives into being, so too we are weaving the world into being, as we each make up and impact the collective. 

I offer a heartfelt thank you to my teachers, formal and informal, seen and unseen, for all that you are. Thank you for supporting my evolution as a spiritual being having a human experience. How dear you are to me. 

I bow with love to my helping spirits, to the aliveness of nature, and to the divinity that is all around us, for your teachings, for your support, and for all the ways you help me remember.  

I offer my boundless gratitude to my aunt in spirit, Andrea, and to my dear ancestors who really kicked off the party when I stumbled into mediumship classes twelve years ago, and helped me begin the journey of answering the question that got louder and louder and louder in me: "Why am I here?"

And finally I say thank you to my clients, for entrusting me to walk beside you on your path, and for giving purpose to the gifts and the medicine that I carry in this lifetime. 

Wishing you blessings and well being on your journey,