Divination journeys

A divination journey is a journey to the helping spirits in which a question is asked, and the journey and perspective offered by the helping spirits is an answer to that question. I offer divinations as readings via voice recording which I then send to you.

The purpose of a divination journey is to support us as human beings to glean insight from the spiritual world. Often we are given information from the perspective that we need, whether it be a 5', 10', 10,000', or 30,000' ft view of our situation, from the broad and rich perspective of the helping spirits. You interpret the reading and use the information you receive to make choices, co-creating and weaving life and the world into being.

Logistics: How does a divination reading work?

We have a short phone meeting to discuss what you want more information about in your life, and work together to land on a divination question that feels "right" and encompasses the essence of what you want more perspective on in your life. We get off the phone and within the next days I journey on my own for you to ask your question, and create a voice recording and send it to you. Pricing varies ~$33 +